Get more pop on each swing with the Rawlings 5150 USA drop-10 bat. Featuring Precision Optimized Performance (pOp) technology, this USA 5150 bat includes a massive sweet spot, yet provides an extremely balanced feel. As a result, you'll make solid contact on more pitches than ever before. This 5150 bat also comes with our Hyper-Lite Speed Cap that reduces weight so you can get your barrel through the zone lightning fast. In addition, this USA Baseball bat utilizes a 1-piece alloy frame, which helps you have a consistent, level swing every cut.
Article name
5150 bats

Rawlings Rawlings

69cm/482g average
71cm/510g average
74cm/539g average
76cm/567g average
79cm/595g average

Aluminum alloy

There is USA BASEBALL notation.
As it is a little league official recognition bat, it is available in a pennant race, a meeting than January 1, 2018.

The classic 5150 dress alloy design is characterized by a huge sweet spot and balanced feeling.

Boy rigid little league use
Middle balance of blow department 67mm in diameter!

This is an import model from the United States.
I display length and weight of the maker indication, but there are the some errors.

Because the bat for the little league has intense consumption, I cannot accept exchange, the return of goods by breaking, the damage after the use at all.

It becomes the regular article from Rawlings USA Corporation.

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UPC 0083321534836
Tennis Grip Size Grip Size 0 (US 4)
Color Black
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