Dunlop Srixon Revo CZ 98D Tennis Racquet

This racquet gives intermediate players a light and ultra maneuverable weapon for generating pace and spin. With its very manageable weight, the CZ 98D is also suitable for beginners or the strong junior who is ready for an adult performance frame.

Thanks to Dunlop's Synchro Charge System, the CZ 98D  benefits from a uniquely elastic graphite which improves the stability, feel and response on off-center impact.

It also has Sonic Core VG Technology, which injects urethane and silicone into the head of the frame to increase dwell time and energy return (think power and spin). This technology also features a unique rubber material for even greater dampening.

To improve comfort, Dunlop deploys its Straight String System, which enables the strings to soak up extra vibration.

Other technologies include a Z-Fusion Frame, which blends a box beam in the throat (for control) with a rounded profile in the head (for power). From the baseline, the CZ 98D offers a tad more control than the CZ 100S, but it still feels very explosive. It also comes with a high launch angle, which means it provides easier depth to players with compact strokes.

Full swings deliver big power, and the open 16x19 string pattern provides the needed spin-potential to bring the ball down on target.

At net, this racquet is all about speed. It moves into position quickly and it will help you spring into action when opportunity knocks. Players looking to serve aggressively should love how powerfully this racquet whips through contact. The easy acceleration also comes in handy on service returns where it comes around with mindless ease to deliver penetrating depth on full swings.

Ultimately, Dunlop's Srixon Revo CZ 98D is a great option for the developing player who wants a user-friendly racquet with easy access to pace and spin.

More Information
Tennis Grip Size Grip Size 0 (US 4)
Color Black
Beam Width 24mm/25mm/22mm
Head Size
98 sq in - 632.26 sq cm
String Pattern
12.99in - 32.99cm - 4pts HL
Strung Weight
10.7oz - 303.34g
27in - 68.58cm
Composition Graphite, High-elasticity graphite, Braided graphite, Dipolgy® epoxy resin, High-resilience urethane, High-resilience silicon
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